Vladimir's Humble Abode

"The people who go down in history as its heroes are never stable."

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When was the last time that he had spoken to Nicholai Ginovaef?

Ages, it seemed. The two had a spat, similar to a lover’s quarrel. It was a heated argument that ended in both men feeling bitter. Silence fell between the two. A mixture of emotions flooded his core being. He was angry. Aside from that, the Russian was his normal, cold and cruel self. Punctual as always, he carried on with business. As a loyal dog to Umbrella, Sergei Vladimir performed his duty without so much as a question or a second thought.

Fate ensnared him in its grasp. Colonel Vladimir was destined to carry out a mission with his old friend. The notion irked him greatly. The night after discovering this news was thrown into disarray. Why, he even broke a lamp or two in the privacy of his own home. His double-edged blade was embedded within a bullseye. Apparently, darts weren’t that efficient for stress relief.

The location was a simple one: Meet at an abandoned warehouse. This, of course, was as cliché as can be, reminiscent of some spy or action flick. Not that he cared. He was much too apathetic to give a damn. As long as he could get the job done… Then, that was the only thing that mattered. Sergei would repress his feelings. Emotions were useless in this field, after all. They were unnecessary. The only thing that feelings bred was pain.

A cerulean orb icily glanced around his surroundings with great disdain. It was much too quiet for his liking. The grey walls were soaked with mold and mildew. The scent caused great discomfort. It was a damn good thing he wasn’t allergic to it. Charcoal boots tapped across the ground, producing a dull thumping sound. Gray locks obscured his other, scarred orb. Thin lips were twisted into a frown. While he walked, his treasured blade twirled within his grasp. 

A sidelong glance revealed nothing. No one. Not a single soul lurked about. There was something peculiar about this… He just couldn’t put his finger on what. With a long sigh, his shoulders tensed up. Where the hell was Silver Fox? He should have been here already.

That man was proving to be a thorn in his side.

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Nothing beautiful will survive in this place: DuVall/Vladimir


Outside of the small medical facility was scalding hot, the result of a recent wave of temperature fluxes that had most of the populous in the area exasperated. The parking lot was free of most visiting vehicles besides his own, giving him an ebbing feeling of discomfort. Nevertheless, Morpheus…

To say that he hated Albert Wesker would be an understatement. He despised the man’s refusal to follow orders. This idea, alone, irked him to no end. Wars of the past taught him to obey and respect your higher ups. It was a simple task that even an idiot could follow. Yet, those who strayed from the path practically beckoned for chaos to ensue. It was men like Wesker that should be looked at with a wary eye. His kind were the ones to produce more war and destroy everything for power’s sake.

Sergei thought that he would be doing Spencer a favor by disposing of the blonde.

Morpheus Duvall, a fellow scientist and research, got in touch with the Russian out of the blue. A series of letters were exchanged between the two. Truth be told, Colonel Vladimir was intrigued. Dr. Duvall  had piqued his curiosity. Their opinions were similar. For that, Sergei was thankful. It would be a great help to have someone work alongside him in order to knock Albert down from his pedestal.

Time flew by as it usually did. A meeting had been arranged. In the boardroom, Sergei straightened his frame and peered at the door with great anticipation. His jaw twitched ever so slightly. His lone, cerulean hue roved over the figure that stood before him. Although he made no move to stand, he spread his arms with a wolfish grin.

“Welcome, Comrade Duvall. This may not be my humble abode, but do make yourself comfortable.”

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I and twelve others were taken away for his own nefarious, delusional purposes. Just to see who would survive and be his personal pet in his new world. So, excuse me if I don’t have the same sentiments for the old man as you do.

Tch, feel free to think whatever you want about the concepts of loyalty and trust, just don’t get in my way. This is my only warning.

-Listens to Wesker’s tale with great impassivity. What is there to say, after all?-

…Ah, but you replaced Spencer’s delusions with your own. You are the Morning Star. You know you will fall- Or perhaps you truly do not and refuse to acknowledge it. -Muses aloud, although it comes across as gibberish to any normal man.-

Warning me? How the tables have turned, Comrade Wesker… Our goals may be similar, but our methods differ greatly. A true pity.

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The group doesn’t go by a specific name, it helps them evade trouble that way. I have all of my faith in your men, specifically Nicholai Ginovaef, to make this a successful mission. I’m so glad you’ve decided to help.

…Hm. -Frowns at the name.- I will see what I can do. I’m sure they’ll be easy to remove. -Chuckles coldly.- Do not fret, Comrade. I will take care of the matter.

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There’s been a group of activists who have been rustling the feathers of our UK facility. They’re the kind of activists who will break into our property to steal samples, test subjects, whatever they can get their hands on to sell to the press. I’d like for you and a handful of your best men to teach them a lesson and silence them before anything gets out. Interested?

-Listens with a half-lidded orb.- Da. I see. You’ve piqued my interest, Comrade Gionne. It sounds promising. Yet, I require further information. Do you have a name? Or must I leave that to my men?

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How have you been, Mr. Vladimir?      I’m sorry to hear that. They’ve been getting better - I’m getting closer and closer to the due date as time wears on. But I have a mission for the UBCS, if you’re interested…

Enlighten me, Comrade. I’m eager to hear what you have to say.

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the-devils-queen asked: How have you been, Mr. Vladimir?

I could be… Better, but I have been well. Loneliness is a peculiar thing. A strange ache. I will not dwell on it. How are you, Comrade Gionne? Are the children giving you a rough time? -Offers a faint smirk.-

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You honestly believe that old man was going to “save the world”? I don’t know if I should laugh or pity you. He was using Umbrella, all of us, as stepping stones to fulfilling his goal.

I would expect you to be more upset at Spencer, especially considering he was going to toss you aside once he claimed his utopia. But no, your blind loyalty causes you to bristle with pride. The same loyalty that caused your downfall.

Spencer supplied me with purpose. Something you will never understand, Comrade. -Clenches his jaw.- When I had nowhere else to go, he took me in. My loyalty is akin to a dog’s. A dog of war I will always be. It is a matter of paying one’s dues, but you are much too young to take this into consideration.

My loyalty got me as far as I expected. I have come a long way. …You could say that I’ve risen from the ashes.

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